Wordless Wednesday 12/23/09


Wordless Wednesday 8/26/09

(Photo by J Rosser Photography)

(Photo by J Rosser Photography)

The baby is here!!

Tuesday, August 4th was pretty much a normal Tuesday.  I had been sick and not very energetic all weekend, and was still feeling under the weather, so the boys and I pretty much just stayed in.  N took them to the library that evening for a show.  Tired as I was, come bedtime I knew that sleep would elude me, as it had been for a while.  So I gathered up my pillows, and settled on the couch to watch “Stand By Me”.  As much as I have since come to dislike a certain author, that movie will forever be one of my favorites.  And I had never before noticed that it was John Cusack who played the part of Gordy’s older brother!  Not sure how I missed that.

When the movie ended, it was on to watch “I didn’t know I was pregnant” on the Discovery Health Channel.  Back to back episodes, and I only found one of the stories to be really plausible.  But maybe that was my late-term pregnancy, huge belly, hiccuping, squirming, kicking baby, out of breath, summertime misery speaking. 🙂  We’re into the wee hours of the morning now, and sleep is still eluding me, so I settled in to watch the next show on… “Deliver Me”.  Eyes started drifting closed during commercials, so at the end of the show my pillows and I went back up to bed…

…only to suddenly realize that the cramping I’d been only vaguely noticing was coming at strangely regular times, and lay awake paying attention to that.  After a half hour or so, I realized that yes, it was most definitely coming at regular times.  So I did what any considerate wife would do…I woke N up to share in the timing of what just might be contractions.  It’s just after 3 AM at this point but N is a trooper.  He pulls out the iphone and starts logging the times, which we realize are 6 minutes apart.  Since I’ve been instructed to call when they are regularly 5-7 minutes apart for an hour, this is proving interesting.  At the end of an hour, they are not only still coming, but they’ve moved up to about 3 minutes apart.  They aren’t very strong though…somewhere under the level of really bad menstrual cramps.  Nevertheless, we call the doctor and she says “come in”.

Being convinced that I still had a few weeks to go, I was woefully unprepared for this.  So now we’re packing a hospital bag, packing some stuff up for the boys, and gathering things together.  In the back of my mind is still the conviction that we would walk into the hospital, and get laughed at and sent home.

N calls his mom, and we drop the boys off on the way in.  They’re excited while with us, but K started to get a little upset after we left, as we found out later.

We arrive at the hospital, they wave us up to the maternity ward, and we’re off.  I joked with the nurse a few times about being pretty sure it’s a false alarm, but she keeps positive and says they’ll just keep an eye on me for a while for signs of progression.  Now, we wait.  And wait.  And wait.  The nurse is having a hard time keeping the heartbeat monitor on the baby, who is a bit agitated.  But everything is moving right along, and finally the moment comes when we learn that we are there to stay.  3 painful sticks later, I have an IV started, the fetal monitor has been adjusted a few more times, and things are moving along.  The contractions are getting stronger, and they finally ask the best question yet…”Would you like an epidural now?”  Say it with me folks — “Oh hell yeah!!”

Once the epi is in, I get to catch a few winks, and N gets to grab some lunch.   Nurse T is determined that this baby will be born before her shift ends at three.  She is guessing about the baby, one moment thinking it’s a boy, then switching to girl, then back again.  She informs me that she’s had triplets that were easier to monitor than my one little troublemaker, and she’s determined to see this child who is giving her such a headache.

As two o’clock approaches, I mention to nurse T that it doesn’t look like she’ll get to see the baby today after all…we’re still waiting for stuff to happen.  A little while later, and I start feeling the contractions way more intensely again.  We push the button on the epidural  a couple of times, and she tells me to call her when I start feeling an urge to push.  Moments later…there it is.  She goes to check if I’ve progressed enough to actually push and tells me the baby has a lot of hair…yeah…the head was there already!  They call the doctor, who makes it to the room in time, and the nursery person, who doesn’t.  Three pushes later, and there she is!  Our new little baby girl!  Born at 2:47 in the afternoon on Wednesday, August 5.  She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz.  She has blue eyes, lots of brown hair & looks a lot like both of her brothers.  She is healthy, and we came home on Friday to start adjusting to life with three kids…and as the parents to one of the female-type children!! 😀

Overheard: The Inaugural Edition

So the boys and I were watching some of the inauguration this week.  R had some questions about the presidency and all that which I did my best to answer.  Then he asked me when I had been president.  I told him I’ve never been president.  So he asked when Daddy had been president.  I told him Daddy had never been president either.  He thought on that for a moment, and then declared:

“Well, that’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it?”


Is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately.

I am very excited about the new baby, with occasional bouts of “What were we THINKING?”

But the reality of early pregnancy for me is a lot of nausea, tiredness, and irritability.  (yeah yeah, I know…me and every other knocked-up woman on the planet.  And if that’s not your reality…I don’t want to hear about it!  Not right now, anyway!) Coupled with some of the medical issues K has been having, I haven’t really even been in much of a mood to write about my “one good thing” each day (although I am still looking for a good thing each day, by the time N gets home and we have dinner, & get the boys ready for bed, I’m not usually up for much besides crawling into bed myself.)

If I’m lucky, I have about two more weeks of this before I make it to the second trimester and I start to feel a little better.  Although, going by my first two pregnancies, this usually extends a bit further than that for me.  But, we can always hope!

About K, it’s nothing serious, simply unpleasant, and I’ll spare everyone the TMI details.  You’re welcome! 🙂

Anyway I just wanted to give a quick update of things around here.   Happy Wednesday!

One Good Thing: 1/7/09

N coming home from work and making pancakes for dinner!

One Good Thing: 1/6/09

Hearing R singing the songs he is learning after choir practice.